1. Dog walking - from $33

  2. depending on duration

  3. Our doggie walks come packed with loads of benefits!

  4. Daily exercise, mental stimulation, ongoing training, social interaction, exploration, and companionship all contribute to keeping your dog happy, well-balanced and healthy.

  5. Let us provide your dog with all the benefits of dog walking. Our tailored dog walks range from half-an-hour, forty-five minutes, up to one hour depending on your requirements.

  6. We tailor all our individual walks to your dog’s size, age and condition and will together with you select specific walks, experiences and areas according to your dog’s unique needs and ability.

  7. We also provide group walks if your dog requires socialisation with other dogs or if you have more than one dog in the family.

  8. Alternatively you might like us to provide you with our training walks where we build confidence and also continue to build on the good training that you and your dog have already invested in.

  9. Finally, walking is always better when your best buddy is walking alongside you! Our dog walking is the same price if you happen to own two dogs*. That way no one gets left behind :-)

  10. Bullet$33 Half hour dog-walk for 1 up to 2 dogs (*same client and owner).

  11. Bullet$48 Forty five minute dog-walk for 1 up to 2 dogs (*same client and owner).

  12. Bullet$63 One hour dog-walk for 1 up to 2 dogs (*same client and owner).

  1. And for those clients who have even more dogs, simply add $7 per dog to the price so that they can come along too.