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  1. Complimentary services - free with

  2. any of our booked care packages

  3. This includes a range of complimentary services intended to help keep your home safe and sound while you are away.

  4. At no cost to you, you can choose for us to help out with the following things:

  5. BulletGeneral security check of your property during our scheduled care visit.

  6. BulletMail & paper collection during our scheduled care visit.

  7. BulletWatering of pot plants during our scheduled care visit.

  8. BulletCollection of garbage bins during our scheduled care visit.

  1. Introductory visit - free

  2. This is a free, no obligation pet and animal minder introductory visit for you and your pet(s) to get to know me, and for me to get to know your pets and farm animals.

  3. At no cost to you, during this visit we will discuss your pet and farm animal minding needs and the corresponding services and costs that may best fit your needs. If you are comfortable we will then complete a care agreement that will include the details of each pet and / or farm animal being cared for, daily pet routines, care start / finish dates, arrange access to property, understand your security arrangements, discuss payment options and understand the terms & conditions.