1. Customised services for you and your pets and animals

  2. Let us work with you to develop a personalised pet and animal care package that is customised exactly to you and your pets needs.

  1. Just tell us what you would like and we will customise a care package for you. Here are just some examples of how we are helping our special pet service clients:

  2. BulletDoggie Day Out - No more sad little faces making you feel guilty when you go to work! Banish pet boredom and the risk of developing bad habits forever with your dog(s) enjoying a break away from home to explore, exercise and have fun. This service includes a pick up and drop-off service provided by us.

  3. BulletPet Home Help - Sometimes you just need that extra hand to help you care for your pets and animals, especially if you are unwell or recuperating from an accident. Let us work out a support schedule that will help with the hard work behind the scenes such as kennel cleaning, decontamination, basic grooming as well as dog walking and feeding.

  4. BulletPuppy Care - This service includes visits to help look after puppies that are at home by themselves or are being crate trained at home and need to be let out. Or maybe you just need someone to simply take care of that lunchtime feed, or provide human contact and play when you can’t be at home.

  5. BulletDrop in Care for pets with acute or chronic health conditions - Stop the worrying. We can help provide the care and supervision that is often necessary at specific times of the day for your pet if it suffers from a particular acute or chronic health condition.

  6. BulletYour own customised package agreed with us for pet and animal care at a specific time and duration that suits you and your pets needs at a price that is agreed.

  1. All our special pet services also include free-of-charge:

  1. Bulletour pet and animal minder introductory visit for you and your pets and animals to get to know me, and for me to get to know them.

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