Pet In-Home Care Visit
Dog Walking  30 / 45 / 60 minutes Visit  $33  /  $48 /  $63  for 1 to 2 dogs from the same owner
Pet Sitting  $99 per overnight
Farm Care Visit 
Special Pet Services from $33
Local Vet Drop-off  $55 /  Pick-up  $55 * within 40 km from your home
Local Vet Drop-off  $75 /  Pick-up  $75 * more than 40 km up to 60 km from your home

*only available for cats, dogs, rabbits, small birds, poultry, guinea pigs, turtles. Service available for all veterinary hospitals located in our service area. Please enquire for more information.
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  1. Straightforward charges - upfront. All year round.

  2. Life can be complicated enough without having to do lots of fiddly calculations when trying to organise care for your pets.

  3. Our clear, upfront and simple-to-understand price guide below tells you all about our prices, including any other extra charges that may apply to your care package in special circumstances.

  4. Straightforward. No fuss. All inclusive GST.

Extra charges - depending on your needs 

Our applicable* standard extra charges are:
Public holiday -  $10 per public holiday where we are delivering one or more services to you on such a day (declared in the state or territory where the care service is being provided on that day)
Special call-out to pick up your house key from you -  $20
Special call-out to drop off your house key to you - $20

*applicable to all care packages unless otherwise stated