Pet Tags for All

Monday, 22 February 2016 4:30 pm

With the recent spate of lost dogs and owners and finders reaching out on social media about lost dogs in the Murrumbateman area, we decided to think long and hard about how we could possibly help make this problem less of a problem...

And although we already stop and pickup and return lost dogs to their home when we come upon them, we concluded that the real problem was that dogs that are getting out have, more than often, … no pet tag.

We have decided to tackle this problem head on by making the-getting-of-a-pet-tag as easy and affordable as possible by us investing in a pet tag enscribing machine and by us locally making available a great range of pet tags that won’t break the bank :)

You can get your pet tag from our online zooShop or simply drop by and see us on a Saturday morning at the Murrumbateman Village Market or at other special events that we attend throughout the year.

Problem solved ;-)  

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