New Range Savourlife Dog Food & Pet Treats

Tuesday, 23 January 2018 11:30 am

We are so excited to announce that we now also stock and sell Savourlife pet treats and Savourlife dog food

There are so many brands of pet treats and dog food out there that it's hard to know what's best for your beloved pets.

We chose 
Savourlife after searching high and low for some of the best product there is.

Healthsource Superfood Dog Food

It's great to know that Savourlife's range of Healthsource Superfood is not only all-natural, holistic, australian-made, grain-free, gluten-free dog food with natural superfood inclusions like sweet potato, yucca, chicory root, kelp, green tea and blueberries BUT that it also exceeds the guidelines set by the AAFCO, the world's leading authority on pet food nutrition!


Pet Treats for all Tastes

And as for the Savourlife's fantastic range of pet treats including naturals, chews and biscuits, they've added the perfect blend of vitamins, minerals, natural prebiotics and amino acids, absolutely free of artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

Help to Rescue Dogs

And if that is not enough of a reason to put some Savourlife in your poochie pantry there's also the fact that the company donates 50% of it's profits from the sale of Savourlife products to rescue groups nationwide. It amounts to $560,320 so far. 

That's a lot of happy waggy tails!

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